What our company does...

Shawn McGill Consulting utilizes a collaborative, systems based approach to uncover and treat the underlying causes of challenging behaviors. Teams will discover ways to meet the needs of the person they are supporting in order to successfully reduce challenging behaviors in an effort to achieve recovery, hope and resiliency in everyday life.

Direct Supports:  behavior support, community inclusion, private consultation, outpatient therapy, group sessions, e-support (secure video consult).  Consultation Services:  Risk screenings for problematic sexual behaviors, sexual consent screenings, individualized behavior support plans, transgender evaluations and letters of recommendation.  Groups Sessions:  Relapse Prevention (for problematic sexual behaviors) and Relationships & Dating. Professional Training Series:  Navigating Sexuality, Relationships & Dating, Managing Risk for Problematic Sexual Behaviors, Positive Approaches in Service Delivery, and the Impact of Trauma.  Individual Trainings:  Relationships & Dating and Abuse Prevention & Safety.  Educational Videos for Purchase:  ID, Autism & Sexuality and Dating & Relationships. 


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