Shawn McGill, MSW Consulting Inc.


Successful, non-traditional supports for all people

Shawn McGill Consulting utilizes a collaborative, systems based approach to uncover and address the underlying causes of "challenging behaviors" or what is better known as "strategies".  In other words, what a person says or does in order to have their needs met.  Teams will discover ways to meet the needs of the person they are supporting and those receiving supports will find their voice in the service system.  At Shawn McGill Consulting it is our hope and our goal to support all people to develop a sense of hope, recovery and resiliency in their lives.  While we do work to challenge the way people and systems think and operate we do not work under the premise that people are broken, nor do they need "fixed".  We as a system and as the supporters need to understand that behaviors are a form of communication and an expression of an unmet need.  It becomes our role to listen to understand and to offer support to those who deserve an opportunity to be heard and seen as full human beings.  ~Shawn

Direct Supports:  behavior support, community inclusion, private consultation, outpatient therapy, group sessions, e-support (secure video consult).  Consultation Services:  Risk screenings for problematic sexual behaviors, sexual consent screenings, individualized support plans, development of team agreements, transgender evaluations and letters of recommendation.  Groups Sessions:  Relapse Prevention (for problematic sexual behaviors) and Relationships & Dating. Professional Training Series:  Navigating Sexuality, Relationships & Dating, Managing Risk for Problematic Sexual Behaviors, Positive Approaches in Service Delivery, the Impact of Trauma, and Supporting People with IDD/ASD in Navigating the Criminal Justice System.  Individual Trainings:  Relationships & Dating and Abuse Prevention & Safety.  Educational Videos for Purchase:  IDD, Autism & Sexuality and Dating & Relationships. 


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