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Behavior Support Plans

Behavior Support Plans

The Behavior Support Plan is a service provided for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities that have a history of challenging behaviors, or what are known as challenging strategies. This process identifies core clinical issues and/or pertinent health, medical, environmental or historical concerns that may contribute to more complex means of communication, which are then manifested through challenging behaviors.


The BSP process is unlike the FBA, however for those who are served through the Various Pennsylvania Waivers and/or Contracts with school districts and organiztions the FBA process is a requirement for service per service definitions. For information pertaining to the FBA process, please contact our office.


The BSP process yields the following:

  • A series of record reviews, client and team member interviews, and some observation. It is important to get a sense of who a person is, what it is like to experience the world through their eyes, and how we can adjust our supports in order to better have the person’s needs met.

  • Once information is collected, the BSP is developed. The BSP outlines very specific information as it pertains to a person’s strengths/triggers, social history, health and medical concerns, and other core clinical issues that may be contributing to strong communication or challenging behaviors. The BSP also outlines how strong communication (or challenging behaviors) are clearly manifested, or operationally defined. The BSP outlines very concrete recommendations for prevention, intervention and crisis strategies that can readily be instituted by anyone using the plan. The plan is clear, concise, and gives the reader a good sense of who the person is and exactly what they as the supporter needs to do in order to adjust their supports to reduce challenging behaviors.

  • Once the BSP is complete it is shared with the team for review. The team then has the opportunity to schedule training in order to review the information contained within the BSP, and how to implement the recommended strategies.


What is needed in order for a client to receive this service?

  • A referral form must be received and on file in our office. Please contact us for a referral form or download a form here.

  • Our organization must have the availability of staff to craft the BSP. You will be notified within three to five business days after the receipt of the referral form.

  • If the referral is accepted, the necessary contract for service must be secure (i.e. private pay contract). On average it takes 18 hours to complete the BSP. Please contact our office for current private pay rates. Again, for anyone who is served under Consolidated Waiver or the Adult Autism Waiver, the full FBA is required.

What is the process for the BSP?

The clinician will work directly with the SC and/or a designated point person within the team to complete the following:

  • Ensure the contract for payment is complete

  • Schedule the BSP interview with members of the team

  • Collect historical records

  • Complete the intake documentation


Once the BSP interview has been conducted, it takes the clinician an average of 3 months to complete the observations, collect records, review records and develop the BSP. Once the report is complete, it will be sent to the designated team contact, and any other person on the team for whom we have obtained a written release.


The team will be asked to review the information and provide feedback for any changes. It is asked that one person collect information regarding recommended changes, and communicate these to Shawn McGill Consulting. Please be advised it can take up 7 business days for complete revisions to be made, so please make sure accurate information is shared at the time of the BSP interview.


It is the responsibility of the team to schedule training with Shawn McGill Consulting regarding the recommendations listed in the BSP. Training can occur through phone, secure videoconference or face-to-face. Depending on what type of training is requested, it can take weeks to secure an appointment, so please plan well in advance.


For additional information please contact us online or call 412-781-3829.

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