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Sexual Consent Screenings

A sexual consent screenings is a consultative service provided to both males and females with disabilities who are at least 16 years of age.


The intended purpose of a sexual consent screenings is to determine whether or not a person has no knowledge, limited knowledge, or sufficient knowledge within the five (5) areas of sexual consent. Those who are typically referred for a sexual consent screening meet one or more of the following criteria:


  • The client is sexually active and has the pre-requisite skills needed in order to be evaluated;

  • The client has expressed an interest in becoming sexually active and has the pre-requisite verbal skills needed in order to be evaluated;

Gay Family
  • The client has been sexually active within the past five (5) years and has the pre-requisite skills;

  • The client has been involved in a case in which they may have been a victim of abuse and the team is attempting to determine their knowledge and understanding in the areas of sexual consent.

What is needed in order for a client to receive a sexual consent screening?
  • A referral form must be received and on file in our office. Contact us for a referral form or download one here.

  • Our organization must have the availability of staff to conduct the consultation. You will be notified within three business days after the receipt of the referral form.

  • If the referral is accepted, a critical revision to the ISP must occur to add Behavior Support; 32 units must be added.

What is the process for the sexual consent screenings?

The clinician will work directly with the SC and/or a designated point person within the team to complete the following:


  • Ensure the ISP critical revision is complete

  • Schedule the sexual consent interview with the client and at least one other person, to be designated by the client (this cannot occur unless the HCSIS authorization is received)

  • Collect any relevant historical records

  • Complete the intake documentation

School Hallway

The BSP will meet with the client, and their designated person of choice, in order to complete questions for the sexual consent screenings. It is important that a second person be present for this interview.


Once the sexual consent interview is conducted, it takes the BSP an average of two (2) weeks to complete the sexual consent screenings report. This report includes information specific to client responses, a summary of client knowledge in all areas of sexual consent, a clinical impression of what the client may understand as it relates to sexual consent, and recommendations for any additional treatment, support and/or education. Once the report is complete, it will be sent to the designated team contact, and any other person on the team for whom we have obtained a written release.


The team will be provided the opportunity to schedule a one hour consultation to review the summary and recommendations listed in the consult report. It is the responsibility of the team to schedule any such sessions with Shawn McGill Consulting.


For additional information please contact us online or call 412-781-3829.

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